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There’s more to tennis than just hitting balls.

Does this sound familiar? You lose to players you ‘should’ beat easily. You have better technique, you are fitter than them, hit harder than them, yet somehow you end up ‘giving’ the match away.

You walk off court seriously considering hanging up your rackets for good and maybe taking up an easier and less competitive sport. And slowly the sport you love has become more a source of pain and frustration than relaxation and enjoyment.

Or maybe you hit great in practice. Your shots are big and relaxed but you can never perform as well in a match. You get tentative and start pushing the ball, becoming tighter and tighter, angrier and angrier at how badly you are playing when you know how well you can normally hit the ball.

Maybe playing doubles gives you the same feeling as a job interview. All you can think about is not letting your partner down and inevitably you miss the easy volleys, you double fault and end up emotionally tied up in knots. “Sorry” becomes the most common word out of your mouth and you learn to fear the next time it is your turn to serve.


He 'gets' it quick.

Sometimes (a little bit of) magic happens as my body unconsciously just does what my mind is imagining…

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Returning after long break

I can't say thank you enough!

Tennis is putting a big smile on my face every day thanks to Scott…

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Strongly recommended!

When I had my first lesson with Scott what really surprised me is that he knew what kind of thoughts I had when I was hitting the ball…

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Anna, 27

Intermediate club player


It’s time to take the next step.

Been playing for a while but hit a plateau? Feel like you know what to do but there’s something missing? Wish you could feel the thrill of playing with less of the stress?

I hear you. And I feel you because I have been exactly where you are. For years I kept trying to improve my game through improving my technique, strategy and movement. I worked out, got  fit and made myself work harder every game. But something held me back from reaching my true potential, from truly enjoying the game I love.  

It was incredibly frustrating and often debilitating.

In fact, a bad game could often ruin my whole day. I’d play it over and over in my head, sometimes even making it hard to sleep.

Something was missing.

But what I came to understand about the missing piece changed my game so dramatically that my mind went from being my nemesis to my greatest asset.

What most people don’t realise about tennis is that it’s a mind game as much as it is a racquet and ball game.

You need body and mind fitness to compete. And without both you will always feel like something is missing.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Hi I’m Scott The Mindful Tennis Coach and for over 12 years I have helped clients of all ages and experience move beyond their perceived ceiling, overcome their blocks and enjoy the game more.

My game has improved and my mental attitude to the game is much better.

He made it feel a lot more realistic for me to improve and understood the mental frustrations I was having…

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Just started playing matches

Scott is an amazing coach, don’t think twice, you will get improvements.

Yes, my serve has improved, my drop shot has improved, my smash has improved and my volleys have improved. I’m very happy with the results!

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Competitive tournament player

Working with Scott has been an absolute joy.

Not only are the lessons super helpful in terms of timing and technique, but they’re also a lot of fun…

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How I work and what to expect from a session.

There is no cookie cutter formula being used. Each session is tailor made to your needs and learning style.

When you contact me, we book a free consultation via phone, zoom or skype to set out how I can help. We will look at what your goals are and the best strategy for reaching them in the most efficient way.

 Then once we are on court I use video technology to analyse your stroke and movement, show you embodiment exercises and mindfulness practices to help your game alongside stroke mechanics, movement patterns, court positioning and strategy advice.

After the first session you will receive your video analysis which is yours to keep where I will break down your stroke and then show you step by step how to take it to the next level. Players of all abilities find this incredibly useful in speeding up their tennis evolution. If you have never seen yourself in action, this can be very eye-opening and effective in bringing about quick and lasting change.


I love Scott's lessons.

I’ve been playing three years and we started over recently on technique – and I learned so much! Most of all I enjoy his holistic approach to teaching…

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Gordy, 39

Strong Intermediate

Scott is great at making you feel positive about your game.

It’s the confidence he has given me about my game that has inspired me…

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Runs local singles league – Hove


My mindset and technique has improved massively in a short space of time

You can tell he really wants to see you improve and enjoy playing tennis…

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Are you ready to uplevel your game?

If you are serious about taking your game to the next level, and at the same time enjoying it more, becoming more resilient and creating sustainable wellbeing, then get in touch for a free consultation. You can use the form or you can email me at scott@mindfultenniscoach.com or call me on 07859 076834. I look forward to hearing from you.